Welcome to Brio! Please come in and meet our Goldens and take a look around. We live on the edge of the Texas hill country outside Austin with our family of Goldens, who all live in our home as pets and companions. I enjoy competing in the conformation ring primarily, but some of our dogs also work and play in agility, obedience, field, or serve as therapy dogs. All the dogs in our small breeding program have hip and elbow clearances, heart clearances by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist, and regular eye clearances from a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist. Although I prefer that most of our puppies be placed as family companions, I believe that the best pets come from breeders who have strong connections to the world of dog sporting competition, as this network offers a continuing education in health and other issues involved in producing quality Goldens, as well as a continuing comparison to what others are producing. I've been involved in showing, training, and educating people about Goldens for over twenty years; am a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Austin Golden Retriever Club, where I served as president for four years, officer/board member for twenty years, and for many years chaired our club's education/puppy referral effort.

Whether they are to be show dogs, family companions, therapy dogs, or compete in one of the many areas in which Goldens excel; our goal in planning any litter is to produce puppies with sound temperaments, good health, and proper structure. We offer a generous health and satisfaction guarantee and all our pet puppies are sold on Limited Registration and spay/neuter contracts. If you are interested in a Golden Retriever puppy, please visit our Links page for some great information, and to read my articles:

Debra Keen
(512) 402-1393
brio (brė'-o) n. zest, elan, spirit, dash, animation...... play it tempo con brio; a zesty little wine with brio; the proper attitude for a Golden Retriever!
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