Brio Gower Good To The Last Drop
Max was co-bred with Debby Gower and is co-owned with Marsha and Fred Spreeuwers. He's been WD twice and has some reserves, and is taking some time to finish growing up.
Radar was born to be an agility dog, and we have the puppy pics to prove it. ;~)
His owner Theresa Dydalewicz is doing a great job with him! 
Brio Gower Good Vibrations NA, NAJ
Here on our Gallery page, we celebrate dogs who are retired, co-owned or co-bred.

Tess played a little in the show ring, but she was born to be a therapy dog,and has a "complex" Delta Therapy certification. We are so proud of friend Kathie Cool for her work with various children's hospital therapy programs, and for her dedication as chair of the Woody Pet Therapy Program. Kathie and Tess were featured on the cover of a book about Woody Pet Therapy, honoring and thanking them for their work.
Brio Zia Essence of Texas (pointed)
Brio Cool Moon Over Sedona
Kathie & Sedona going WB in San Marcos
Sedona is also a Delta-certified therapy dog.

Lucas lives with and is loved by Anne & Chris and their family, as he found he prefers family life to the show ring!
Brio Special FX